Writing for Part-Time Money It’s a Field Easy to Break Into

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Writing for part-time money has always been a great way to earn an income from home. Traditionally, people wrote for magazines and newspapers, but with the advent of the Internet, new opportunities for writers have opened up. There are websites, ezines, blogs, and ebooks, all of which can make an enterprising writer money, even if you are a beginner.

Although the easiest ways to make money online is to do get-paid-to sites, with freelance writing you can actually earn a full-time income, especially if you enjoy or have a talent for writing. Even if you do not consider yourself a professional writer, you can still earn a regular income.

Why Writing is a Good Use of Your Time

I think writing is a better use of your time than taking surveys. But writing is a skill so it can pay better if you take your writing seriously. However, for those who just want to make a little extra cash and test the waters of freelance writing, there are a few website to try.

Are Content Mills the Answer?

Although you can make money from content mills, they are not the best ways to make money as a professional. But if are not sure of your writing skills, writing for such places will bolster your self-confidence. Content mills are just one of many ways to make money with your writing. Many professional writers criticize content mills because they offer some of the lowest paying writing work around. But content mills serve a purpose – giving small businesses cheap, fast and (possibly) even good content.

However, if you aren’t confident in your writing skills, then you can start with content mills and earn some money as you learn more about the freelance writing world, hone your skills, and bring in some spare time income.

Benefits of Content Mills

  • You don’t have to spend time looking for your own clients
  • You know you will get paid if you use the reputable companies below.
  • You have a flexible schedule can work when you want
  • You can choose the topics you want to write

Disadvantages of Content Mills

  • The low pay
  • There may not be any work available at all, or no work that interests you.
  • You are competing with several hundred or even a few thousand writers for the limited work available

5 Content Mills

The sites below are all established companies. They accept newbies and pay them accordingly. The more skilled you are, the more money you will earn. Most pay weekly, so you will soon be rewarded for your labors.

Easy Places to Start

Textbroker (www.textbroker.com)

Some love this TB, while others hate it. You won’t know where you fit in until you sign up, write a very short sample, and start accepting assignments. There are levels of writing. The highest paid get 5 cents per word. Pay is weekly if you have $10 or more in your account.

The Content Authority (www.theauthority.com)

I stayed with TCA the longest. All writers start at Tier 1, but I quickly got to Tier 3 in about two weeks. The rate for the highest tier was 3 cents per word, but now its 5 cpw. Pay is weekly if you reach the minimum of $25.

BlogMutt (www.blogmutt.com)

With BlogMutt, there is always plenty of work unlike TB and TCA which have dry spells. At BlogMutt, clients post job details based on keywords. The main problem with BlogMutt is that you are competing with other writers for the same keywords. A client may choose another writer’s work over yours, which means you don’t get paid. However, you are free to repurpose the content for another client. BlogMutt pays weekly, $8 for short 250 word posts. No minimum required for payout.

For Anyone with Writing Experience

Scripted (www.scripted.com)

If you have some writing experience, Scripted is a good choice because it pays a lot better. I had assignments paying me $45 for a blog post. When I last wrote for Scripted, the company paid via direct deposit,

Media Shower (www.mediashower.com)

This company offers prefers experienced writers. They pay $25 per article. There are teams you can sign up for, but there were very few assignments for me to claim. Only when I complained about the scarcity of work, did the editor start sending me work directly.

If you’re interested in writing for part-time money, there are plenty of opportunities. I will be writing more about making money as a wordsmith in future blog posts. I will have more job listings, advice for earning more money, and ways to find private clients. If you want to be kept in the loop, please subscribe to this blog using the form to your right.

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