Good Work-at-Home Websites Start with Useful Information

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With so many work-at-home websites and blogs, and with trillions of webpages on the Internet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to find sites that are really worth your time. After all you want to read information, not read ads, right?

Below are a few sites that I use myself and I recommend.

WAHM (Work at Home Mom) has a large forum community. The various forums are useful for those just getting started in working at home. You will find numerous ideas for at-home job and businesses, and even companies looking to hire telecommuting workers.

The large message board offers forums for freelancers, crafters,

There are also specific forums for those involved in various direct sales businesses such as Avon, Pampered Chef, Shaklee, Mary Kay and Ameriplan. For those interested in telecommuting jobs there are sections for virtual assistants, transcriptionists, and customer service reps.

Some forum threads easily go off-topic, but there are many people who share their knowledgeable and will try to answer your questions. Many posts are of the “how do I get started” nature and the responses are generally helpful. There is enough information here to make you a frequent visitor to these forum, although some as not as active as they once were.

For good business information, is a great site. This is the online version of the monthly magazine. There are endless articles here on how to start a business and run a business successfully. More importantly this site offers specific business ideas.

There is a huge section just on franchises. You can find your dream business by niche market or by start-up costs. There is another section on direct sales companies, some of which you can start with just a very low investment.

Whether you are interested in starting a doggy day care center or selling your quilts on EBay, there is plenty of information on the site to get you started as an entrepreneur.


If you’re an Internet marketer or aspire to be one, Warrior Forum is the site for you. It’s a source of information for those who want to make money online. Many posters share their experiences and offer useful advice on various ways to make money from home. Just by reading one thread I found two new business ideas that I am currently working on.

While not everyone who posts success stories has made a ton of money, many seem to have made some money using various techniques, which is inspiring. I strongly urge you bookmark  Warrior Forum for new business ideas, advice, how-tos, and other useful information for beginner and more advanced Internet marketers.

For spiritual help, is one of the best sites around. Although has nothing to do with business per se, it’s one of my favorite sites. Beliefnet deals with all religions, all faiths and all spiritual paths.  There is something here for everyone, even for those who are atheist or agnostic.  There are forums that allow you to respectfully ask questions about a particular religion, fun quizzes, prayer circles, memorials, newsletters, book and movie reviews and anything else you can think of that pertains to your soul or spirit.

This site will not help you to make money but it will help you to balance your life better. Having money helps, but it certainly isn’t everything. Beliefnet also offers inspiration and support when you may need it most.  I highly recommend this unique and wonderful site.

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